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ServData offers several services in addition to our products:


· Contestation Services  ServData offers monthly contestation services to physician practices that are at risk.  This service includes a review of paid claims to identify errors in payment, out of network leakage, HCFA classification errors and cost reallocations.  These contestations are prepared and submitted to the health plan for reimbursement.


· Production Data Analysis  ServData provides production data analysis reporting to insurers for the purpose of settling disability claims.  ServData Analysts are responsible for contacting the claimant and acquiring the production data required for data analysis. 








· Custom Reports  ServData designs custom reports for the purpose of managing Independent Physicians Alliances, Managed Service Organizations and obtaining stop-loss reinsurance from outside sources.


· Consultation Services  ServData provides consultative services to providers practicing in risk arrangements or those considering a risk contract.

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